Date:  15 March 2016                 

Venue:  St Martin’s Church Hall, Llanmartin


Present:  An attendance list was compiled


The Chairman introduced Ian Neale, who gave a very interesting talk on growing giant vegetables.  Mr Neale has 4 entries in the Guinness Book of Records and has been invited to give a talk in California in September.  He has met numerous famous people as a result of his interests – including Snoop Dog.  Mr Neale has set a challenge to grow a plant, which will be provided by the Hamlet Association, so that they can be judged at the Big Lunch in June.


The formal business of the AGM then followed:


1          Chairman’s Welcome:  Wyneira opened the meeting by welcoming all those present and then thanked Ian for the excellent content of his talk.

2          Apologies for absence:  There were no apologies for absence.

3          Minutes of last meeting:  Agreed for accuracy and signed off.

4          Matters arising:  These were covered by Agenda items.

5          Chairman’s Report: 



6          Vice-Chairman’s Report:

The Vice-Chairman outlined the events that will take place this year:

  • BIG LUNCH – will be Sunday 11 June 2016.  This will be the occasion of the Queen’s 90th Birthday when Street Parties will be held nationally.  Carl asked that a small entry fee be charged for the Grow a Plant competition so that a trophy can be purchased – the award of which will be an annual event.

  • HARVEST EVENT – To be arranged – perhaps some ideas could be put forward for something different this year

  • PROGRESSIVE SUPPER – Monies raised at Charity events this year to be donated to David Attwell’s ‘Mayor’s Charity’.

  • BONFIRE NIGHT –  Saturday, 5 November 2016

  • CAROLS IN THE BARN – To be arranged

As such a good number of children were present at the last Carols in the Barn – it has been decided that Father Christmas will visit again this year.

  • Carl asked for ideas to be put forward to the Committee for something new to be added to the events list this year – perhaps the Swansea Air Display or a visit to the Welsh National Gardens.


7          Secretary’s Report:

Jacqui commenced her report by offering a vote of thanks to the Chairman, Wyneira and Carl the Vice Chairman, for all their hard work this year.  To Janet for her excellent work in producing such a high quality magazine and to all other members of the Committee for their sterling work this year. 


Bethel Cemetery

The maintenance programme has totally transformed the Cemetery.  We appointed Geoff as our gardener with specific responsibility for the cemetery.  Richard continues to do an excellent job of the village green.  We have plans to improve the quality of the planters and Halse will be planting them up in the near future ready for Wales in Bloom.


We donated £154.00 towards two charities (The Alzheimer’s Society and Sparkle) following the Harvest Supper Auction.  Mark continues with his excellent fund raising activities with his charity bike ride for ‘Sparkle’ and in October we raised £288.30 which was donated to a charity close to Richard’s heart – The Macular Society.

New Developments

Solar Farm – Following meetings with Langstone Community Council and representation from our Councillors, the Solar Farm was refused by Newport City Council.  The Welsh Office has since given the green light to commence work on this project.

Crematorium – The South Wales Argus announced in February that Newport City Council have given the thumbs up to the new 5.2 hectare Crematorium.  It was approved by 5 votes to 2 and David Atwell has cited his concerns.  He stated that some Health and Safety issues have still to be addressed.

Pencoed Castle – Plans for the Castle development is on hold – but we will monitor the situation.

Magor Road Pavements – The Wales in Bloom judge had raised the poor condition of the pavements in the Hamlet and we have also raised the question with Newport City Council on numerous occasions.  Streetscene has sent the Highways’ Inspector to look into this matter and has promised to report back to the Committee.


Remembrance Book

The main task for the committee this year has been the compiling of the Remembrance Book which was an unqualified success.  Janet did an enormous amount of work compiling the information and I think it is a testament to her skill that she produced a book that we can all be proud of. 


There have been enquiries into the publication of a second book – this might be viable, or an alternative would be for a re-print with the additional stories added.  We would like your input on this decision.


Langstone Community Council


Alan Henderson pointed out that as a result of the possible Crematorium being built on Magor Road, monies will be ploughed back into the community.  Wyneira asked that Llanmartin be considered when the monies are allocated as we will be equally affected by the development.


Alan also highlighted that Langstone CC has also reported the poor state of the pavements in the Hamlet to Newport City Council.


8          Treasurer’s Report:

Jacqui outlined elements of the financial report for the year, a copy of which can be viewed on the Hamlet Website when the Minutes of the AGM are posted, or in the Hamlet Newsletter.

(a)       The annual accounts have not yet been audited.

(b)       The cash book currently stands at £1,019.95 in line with the decision taken by the Committee to maintain the balance above £1,000.00 to allow for contingency plans.

(c)       The main source of income remains membership fees with funds collected this year from 24 homes, an increase of 4 from the previous year.  If anyone has fees outstanding from last year and would like to pay – Jacqui will gladly receive payment in addition to this year’s fees (which remain at £20).

(d)       We all benefit from the income received – the excellent Hamlet Magazine, maintenance of the green and cemetery which enhance the Hamlet and, of course, the social occasions.

(e)       Other sources of income include the Grant from Langstone Community Council for maintenance of the Green and Churchyard, Raffle Tickets, the Harvest Supper Auction and donations for Bonfire Night.

(f)       Expenditure throughout the year consisted mainly of Green costs, which include the planters, green and Bethel cemetery.  We have purchased 12 dragons to personalise the planters.  Other significant costs were the Gazette, the fireworks for Bonfire Night, and the Bat Boxes to enhance our Wales in Bloom entry.

(g)       We as a Committee need the support that three individual people can bring to the administrative process and would like to invite people who wish to see the Association not only stable but in a position to grow to volunteer for this role. They will be offered as much assistance and expertise as they require to support the role.


9          Election of Officers:

The Chairman proposed amendments to the current Constitution which were circulated to the meeting.

The Chairman highlighted the amendments and a vote was taken and the new Constitution was unanimously Carried.

There were no nominations for the vacant position of Treasurer and no nominations for committee membership.  Wyneira asked for those present to consider the vacancies and to approach any member of the committee if they are interested.


10        New Hamlet Website

Janet highlighted how times have moved on and in line with other publications ‘the round up of news and events in our Hamlet’ which used to be delivered in the form of the Old Hamlet Gazette will now be found on our new website.  Janet highlighted the format and announced the launch at the beginning of April.  Visit www.lanmartin-hamlet.co.uk


Janet asked for contributions and photographs and especially those of gardens in the Hamlet for Village in Bloom.


A quarterly short Newsletter will still be delivered to all residents for those who do not go on line.


11         Remembrance Book

Janet pointed out that she still had 2 copies of the Remembrance Book available.  Discussion will take place on whether a new or extended version will be printed.


12        Any other business:


Sue Rayment asked whether it would be helpful if all residents got in touch with Newport City Council to raise the issue of the poor state of the pavements in the Hamlet.  It was agreed to await the outcome of previous reports.


There being no other business the meeting was closed.

From Wyn




  • Welcome all present

  • Apologies for absence-None

  • Introduction given for Ian Neale who gave us a presentation of his growing expertise, he explained many of his growing techniques and many tips of how to grow giant vegetables. A very humbling and interesting talk that prompted many questions from the audience. A huge thank you for his time.

  • Minutes of last meeting, agreed for accuracy and signed off.


Chairs Report

The community has been very busy organising and holding various events.


The Big Lunch was a great success with the theme based on Wale in Bloom. Food was contributed by the ladies of the hamlet, and the residents brought their own produce for competition. Sports day races involved all the children in good old fashioned fun, from egg and spoon to three legged races.


Harvest Supper was held earlier this year and out local vicar attended, with our annual auction which brought funds for Children in Need and Alzheimer’s Society.


Bonfire Night was well attended by families and some new faces.


Progressive Supper was very popular and entertaining, three families provided a course each, of the most fabulous food, they were very generous of their time and effort and we raised funds for charity.


Carols in the Barn, was another popular event, with festive joyous singing, all ages enjoyed the community spirit and a big thanks to David and Pam for allowing us to use their barn.


Wales in Bloom, last year we achieved a silver award with just 9 points between silver and gold, with added features of new owl and bat boxes throughout the Hamlet, which have been hand made by Richard, who also makes a brilliant job at mowing the Hamlet green. This year we have ordered new planters from the council and Tony has made welsh dragon motifs to be place on all four planters, new soil will be added with perennials and annuals. The heron will also be refurbished.


Changes in Constitution were discussed all attended had a copy, all agreed with the changes. Election of any new members discussed with those who attended and full support will be given to those elected, at present we have one space for a member and a new treasurer needed, but Jacqui will continue her splendid work until post filled.


New website, Janet gave a presentation about the new Hamlet website which she has produced, it is full of information past and present. She has given an enormous amount of her own time in creating this area and has excelled, thankyou from all the Association.


This year’s events have shown that we have a strong community spirit, we will continue with our effort in supporting our Hamlet residents, the committee members have all contributed in some way and a huge thankyou to them.