Date:  26 March 2019                 Venue:  St Martin’s Church Hall, Llanmartin


Present:  An attendance list was compiled


The formal business of the AGM then followed:


1        Chairman’s Welcome:  Wyneira opened the meeting by welcoming all those present and outlined the Agenda for the evening.  The meeting is to be followed by a talk by Jean Morris – A Day in the life of a Vet.

2        Apologies for absence:  Apologies were received from Carol Joynson, Jaron Lloyd, Hilary Prest, Will Routley, and Mark Rowbotham.

3        Minutes of last meeting:  Agreed for accuracy and signed off.

4        Matters arising:  These were covered by Agenda items.

5        Chairman’s Report:


Welcome/ Croeso –especially a warm welcome to any new residents of our small Hamlet.

Update of events throughout the year.

Events of the year have been well attended and have shown community spirt within the Hamlet. We hold a variety of events throughout the year. Janet works hard on our web page and it is well worth a visit to see her gallery of images. Our next event this year is our big lunch in Doug’s field. Please visit our website to have a flavour of our community events, and any new neighbours can be added to our global email.

Mower update: We have received £2,079.20 towards the purchase of the new ride-on mower.

The new ride-on mower will be kept at Richard’s for mowing the village green.

The other ride-on mower will be kept at Carol’s for mowing Doug’s field. If Carol is unavailable or unable to mow the green for any reason the mower can be used by the committee or by a group of volunteers

The two donated mowers will be used:

1.       By the gardener for the upkeep of Bethal cemetery

2.       By Mark for the upkeep of the top triangle.

This way both the donated mowers are being used to the benefit of the community

Litter: Since Jacqui/Richard and Sue have commenced litter picking – Magor Road/Pencoed Lane are greatly improved.

Speed watch: No current speed watch sessions held owing to poor lighting.  Mark, Jacqui and Tony await training.  Speed watch will recommence in the spring. The 20 is plenty campaign is still gathering pace and leaflets have been circulated to all households in the Hamlet.

Wales in Bloom: With so many ongoing projects we have entered again for Wales in Bloom.  We will also enter Newport in Bloom and we are automatically entered into the best kept village competition which is judged in June by Langstone Community Council. As we have funds available Tony has created metal ‘people’ holding baskets throughout the village. It is hoped that each figure will be adopted by someone in the village who will display it prominently for the Wales in Bloom competition.  The hanging baskets will again be a feature.

 Richard has pointed out that there is a lot of work to do on Doug’s patch – ongoing work rather than one big push at the beginning of the season.

Anyone who has a garden worthy of a visit from the judges is asked to contact a committee member, if anyone is interested in joining the sub-committee.  It will meet on 9th April at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Restricted byways-Has been officially opened, this is a public’s rights to travel: on foot. on horseback or leading a horse, by vehicle other than mechanically propelled vehicles (thus permitting e.g. bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, to travel along restricted byways), except in certain circumstances. It is now being used, but more work is needed to clear the stream bed for the horses to cross.

I would like to thank the committee for their support over the last six years as Chair and neighbours that continually support our events, we have a small community that has a huge impact on the young and old, emotionally and socially developing friendships supporting kindship. Our community is something that should be valued and is the envy of many.  I would encourage others to join and you will always be welcome.


6        Vice-Chairman’s Report:


Carl commenced his report with a heart-felt thanks to Langstone Community Council for providing the Christmas tree on the green this year.  Newport City Council dug footings and concreted a base, erected the tree and was responsible for removal and disposal at the end of the festive season.  Our thanks also to Langstone Community Council for providing the lights.  It made a statement on the green and was enjoyed by all.  We will be provided each year with a tree at no expense to the Hamlet.


Carl also gave a round-up of this year’s activities.  The Big Tea, Fish and Chip Supper, Harvest Supper, Bonfire Night, Carols on the Green and Carols in the Barn.  All events went off really well.  Carl also emphasized that we are open to offers for new activities and invited suggestions.  He also suggested that old events could be resurrected eg a boat trip.


7        Treasurer’s Report:


Jacqui outlined elements of the financial report for the year, a copy of which can be viewed on the Hamlet Website when the Minutes of the AGM are posted, or in the Hamlet Newsletter.


(a)      The annual accounts have not yet been audited but will be audited within the next few weeks.

(b)     The cash book currently stands at £1245.01 which is an increase of £10.83 on the previous year and well in line with the figure required by the Committee (£1,000) to allow for contingency plans.

(c)      The main source of income remains membership fees with funds collected this year from 29 homes.  There were 2 age exemptions.  Jacqui will gladly receive payment of this year’s fees (which remain at £20) and forms are available.

(d)     We all benefit from income received – which covers the excellent Hamlet Newsletter, our Hamlet website and maintenance of the green and cemetery which enhance the Hamlet and, of course, the social occasions.

(e)      Other sources of income include a Grant from Langstone Community Council for maintenance of the Green and Churchyard, a Grant from Community First towards the new lawnmower and a Grant from Newport City Council – Church Fund.

(f)      Our events such as the Harvest Supper Auction generate additional income and our special thanks must go to the Auctioneer extraordinaire, Graham Lynch.  Income was also generated from the Fish and Chip Supper, Bonfire Night and the raffle at Carols in the Barn.  Janet and Carl also have a monthly coffee morning on the 3rd Thursday in the month at Pencoed Cottage – if you haven’t had a chance to attend yet I recommend it – you get fantastic cake.

(g)      Expenditure throughout the year consisted mainly of Green costs, which include the planters, green and Bethel cemetery.   This year we also invested in hanging baskets and brackets to enhance key areas in the Hamlet.  We have purchased a new Bar-b-que and raised money for the purchase of the new ride-0n lawnmower which has now been delivered.

(h)     We agreed at the last AGM to look into Public Liability Insurance – payments relate to the 2018/19 cover and we have pre-paid 2019/20.


9        Election of Officers:

Chairman:  Wyneira had stated her intention to step down after 6 years in office.  Mark Rowbotham was nominated as Chair (in his absence) and has agreed to accept the position.

Vice-Chair:  Carl has agreed to stand again as Vice-Chair, but only for one more year.


Secretary:  Jacqui had stated her intention to step down after more than 6 years in the role (with a small break when Helen Spittle took over).  Richard was nominated, and seconded, and has agreed to accept the role.


Treasurer:  Jacqui will continue in this role.


Condition:  Mark and Richard have taken on the role of Chair and Secretary for one year only.  This will allow an opportunity to expand the Committee and introduce some ‘new blood’ into the Association.

Wyneira asked whether anyone was interested in joining the committee which meets about 6 times a year.  If anyone is interested they could come along to a meeting to see the format and consider whether they would like to join.


9      Any other business:


Ian Neale pointed out that he still had the Hamlet gazebo from Carols on the Green.  He agreed to deliver it to Richard.  He was thanked for his help in the Community with litter picking and complimented on the excellent planters.  There being no other business the meeting closed.


10      Visiting Speaker


Jacqui welcomed Jean Morris to the meeting and thanked her for agreeing to talk on ‘The Day in the Life of a VET’.  Her talk was really interesting (with unusual visual aids) and was followed by a Question and Answer session.


Date of sub-committee meeting:  Tuesday 9 April at 7 pm in the Church Hall to discuss Wales in Bloom


Date of next general meeting:  Thursday 9 May at 7.00 pm at Carl and Janet’s.