Date: 2 October 2021 Venue: Llandevaud Village Hall


Present: Jacqui, Janet, Mark, Richard, Sue, Tony Ford, Eirlys Cawdery, David and Pam Price, Brenda Robotham, Richard and Andrew Thomas


Apologies: Hilary Prest, William Routley, Ray Mogford, Martin Stone and John Harper.


1 Chairman’s Welcome: Mark opened the meeting by welcoming all those present and outlined the Agenda for the evening.

2 Minutes of last meeting: Agreed for accuracy and signed off.

3 Matters arising: These were covered by Agenda items.

4 Chairman’s Report:


This strange and difficult period due to the COVID-19 pandemic goes on although we have some semblance of normality around the corner as long as there are no more hiccups. The pandemic continues to affect people and activities in different ways, our association has been largely dormant since the last AGM carried out via the medium of Zoom last September. Much has gone on in the background as usual supporting the local community and keeping the community looking good.


The only event we have held this last year has been the dedication of the bench on the green to Carl Jefferson. This was a successful event which was well attended and was followed by a tea on the patch using our newly acquired marquee. The marquee was well tested and will be useful for future events. You will have seen a report about this in the recent Hamlet magazine.


We continue to maintain the lay-by and the triangle at the top of the Lane. The lay-by is kept in good order thanks largely to the efforts of our current treasurer, Richard, who cuts the grass on a regular basis. He is assisted by Bryn who regularly does the strimming around the lay-by. We also maintain the patch where we hold our events. We are grateful to David Price fo


r keeping on top of the grass in the patch.


This year has seen the change of various households in the lane, most notably one of our past Chairs, Wyneira and her husband Paul. However, with the changes come opportunities to meet new faces. We extend a warm welcome to all new members of the community. Hopefully they will all join the association and become active members in their own right.

The other major change during the year was the acquisition of Pencoed Castle by Corinthian Homes Director, Simon Wright. His plans for development of the Castle continue to be hampered by an ongoing bat survey.


Events for the coming months are Bonfire night, Lighting up of the Christmas tree on the green and carols in the barn……Richard will give more details in his report.


I would like to thank all members of the committee for all their efforts this year (and a half), much of this work goes unnoticed but this work is essential to keep the association going. Special thanks also to our treasurer, Jacqui, secretary, Richard and Jan who continues to produce the Hamlet magazine and is our website manager.


I wish everyone well and hope this year will be more active than the last.


5 Secretary’s Report


(a) Litter Picking is ongoing with Jacqui covering the area from the farm along Magor Road to the Crematorium and along Waltwood Road. Susan and I do along Magor Road from the farm to the far side of the motorway bridge. There were thoughts of a combined effort with Bishton Community Council to clear the section from the Brewery down to the motorway bridge, however this did not materialise owing to Health and Safety requirements. John Harper continues to litter pick up Pencoed Lane, helped by several of the residents.


(b) N


eighbourhood Watch I registered with NW on behalf of The Old Hamlet of Llanmartin in May 2021 (www.ourwatch.org.uk), expecting to attend some training sessions. However, all face to face sessions were cancelled (due to Covid) and replaced with ‘Webinars’. I did join in a few sessions, however they were by no means ‘riveting’ and I attended no more. I tried to obtain new signs, but was referred to various people, with no luck. I will try again.


(c) Wales in Bloom The bulbs that were planted last year were a great success. We registered our entry into the 2021 competition on 30 March this year. However, discussions were held with members of the committee and it was agreed that we would withdraw our entry because of the lack of preparations.


(d) Bonfire Night As announced in the latest Newsletter, we are planning to have a bonfire, fireworks and barbeque in Doug’s field on Friday 5 November and we are looking for volunteers.


(e) Future events

Carols on the Green – Thursday 9 December 2021

Carols in the Barn – Sunday 19 December 2021


6 Treasurer’s Report:


Jacqui outlined elements of the financial report for the year, a copy of which can be viewed on the Hamlet Website when the Minutes of the AGM are posted, or in the Hamlet Newsletter.


(a) As a result of the pandemic and the severe restrictions that we were all facing, it was decided to suspend Hamlet activities in March 2020. Our financial year end was 31 March 2020 and the accounts would have been accepted and audite


d following the AGM at that time. Discussion took place on the date of our new financial year which commenced on 1 October 2020.


The annual accounts have not yet been audited but will be audited in the near future.


(b) The cash book currently stands at £1,179.51 which is an increase of £11.70 on the previous year and well in line with the figure required by the Committee (£1,000 balance) to allow for contingency plans.

(c) The main source of income remains membership fees with funds collected for 2020-2021 from 23 homes. There were 2 age exemptions. Subscriptions for this year (which remain at £20) are now payable and forms have been distributed to every household in the Hamlet. 13 residents had paid in advance for the financial year 1 October 2020 – 30 September 2021 and 5 have prepaid for 21-22.

(d) We all benefit from income received – which covers the excellent Hamlet Newsletter, our Hamlet website and maintenance of the green and cemetery which enhance the Hamlet and, of course, the social occasions.

(e) Other sources of income include Grants from Langstone Community Council for maintenance of the Green and Churchyard. LC has introduced a new system where a grant application has to be completed. The Chair and will be completing the application shortly, although there is no guarantee that the grant will be awarded.

(f) Expenditure throughout the year consisted mainly of maintenance of the green spaces, which include the planters and Bethel cemetery.

(g) We have Public Liability Insurance with Zurich.

(h) We hope to commence our events on 5 November with our Bonfire Night which always consists of a raffle, games and, of course, burgers and hotdogs we can then recommence our Charity donations.

7 Election of Officers:


Chairman: Mark agreed to continue with the role of Chairman.



ry: Richard has also agreed to stand again in his role.

Treasurer: Jacqui will continue in this role.

Sue will continue as a committee member and Janet will continue with her role as coordinator of our website, newsletter etc.


Enquiries are to be made to see whether Carol Joynson and Carol Woods want to continue supporting the Association, with a particular interest in Wales in Bloom and Hamlet events. It will also be important to see if we can increase the membership of the Committee.


8 Any other business:


· Planting of bulbs – it was agreed that the bulb planting last year had been a great success and that it would be beneficial to increase the number this year. Mark to purchase a further supply to be distributed immediately for planting.

· Richard was concerned about the damage caused to the village green when the tree was erected last year. W M Garden Maintenance are responsible for the erection of the Christmas tree and it was agreed that they will be approached to see if they can make good after the removal of the tree in January 2022.

· Tony Ford asked whether anyone had any old clothes spare for dressing the guy for Bonfire Night.

· Tony also raised the question of the Heron on the village green which is nearing the end of its life as it was not galvanized and has been refurbished several times. Discussion took place on whether a Welsh Dragon should be designed to replace it.

· David Price to be Father Christmas for Carols in the Barn.