ford farm


The following is from an article written some time ago by Fred J. Hando


On my way to the church I had passed an interesting old house with a three storied porch and Elizabethan chimneys.  I called there later, to discover that it was Ford Farm, named after the brook which later becomes Monksditch.


Mrs Duthie and her highly intelligent young son showed me the slit windows in the porch, a chimney wall ten feet thick and two spiral staircases one with oak treads, the other of solid baulks of oak.  At a corner of the room to the left of the porch my hostess opened a door, leading into a very small room, so small that my interest was at once aroused.  'Is there a similar room' I asked 'on the floor above.'  She nodded.  'And on the top floor'  'Yes indeed 'she exclaimed and young Douglas asked excitedly 'but what were these little rooms for?'  'There is no doubt that here, as at Cillwch, Trevella, Treowen and dozens of other old houses in Gwent, a vertical drainage shaft saved much running up and down stairs.


Twelve pigeon-holes, a house-leek on the roof above a baking oven and a door and doorway of the sixteenth century leading into the dairy, lent character and interest to an ancient home.  And with what interest would the builders view a television aerial affixed to one of the Elizabethan chimneys!



Fred J. Hando's sketch