January 2021


council clearing the paths after repeate
early morning
castle sprinkling snow
woodland daffs
winter planter
snow drop
bug hotel
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Photography by Richard Allan -  tap first image to view items in this gallery
w  Walk-5heron
w  Woodpecker visit 26 Nov-7
w  Blackbird BH-51
w Llandevaud-singing robin 9
w  Bowdens Lane-6
w  Bowdens Lane-13
w   Out Walking pheasant-4
w  Walk butterfly -2
w  Bowdens Lane-12
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tap first image to view items in April gallery
pink moon
new moon 2
Ian Neal spring time
mike stray veg patch
baby bird
bird box
mike strays garden
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Tap first image to view May gallery
Fill up the bird bath!
early rose
single peaona
bought at the botanical gardens
flowers from the garden
sheep and magpie
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Tap first image to view items in June gallery
Spur off Pencoed Lane
Spur off Pencoed lane
Pencoed Castle
Daisies in field
Sunset in the Hamlet
Mark's garden -looks like a face!
Garden bloom
strawberry moon
dozens of sunflower plants
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Tap first image to view items in Ian's giant vegetables 
introducing new generation to giant veg.
what a whopper!
giant pepper
Spur off Pencoed lane
Entry in Book
giant cabbage
special shirt
Giant maize
Giant aubergine
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