castle in the snow
court farm
castle apartments
wheat fields
across the fields
the patch
church farm
In memory of old mr price
rape fields
pencoed castle
old barn

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Records show that the village was mentioned in the Doomsday Book but the fields around the village centre show evidence of Iron Age, standing stones, ancient sunken roads and the remains of Roman dwellings.  On the edge of the hamlet is Pencoed Castle which is said to have connections going back to the 13 th  century.  It is currently in poor condition but there are plans to renovate it. In 2015 it was used as the location for a Fox Tv series 


There are also remains of a Welsh Calvinistic Methodist chapel where John Wesley is reputed to have preached.  Its  old graveyard adjoins the top part of The Old Smithy.  The chapel’s 1836 date stone was unearthed in recent years and proudly set into the cemetery wall. The graveyard is rarely disturbed and it is a haven for wild flowers which include primroses, mallow and wild strawberries.


 In 2015 a book of war memories was published by the hamlet in which over 50 contributors outlined its historical war time history from 1914 to the present day.  During the 2nd world war a prisoner of war camp was located here.