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Treasure / Scavenger Hunt

My camera skills are obviously lacking as the presentation of first prize to the winning team- Charlie's Army has disappeared ! However this is the winning team's selfie taken at the start The faces of other winners go some way to showing the satisfaction of picking up a prize With equal points second and third had to be awarded on 'time taken' and with the forth prize winners missing out by loosing video points but with an excellent questionnaire, it was a closely fought contest. It seems that sweet talking got The Great Danes past the flock of sheep crossing the road while the scoobys got caught up amongst them and some ( due to the staggered start) arrived after they had crossed! Quick

Boot Sale Result

In aid of raising funds for the Bridleway Any owner of a horse was missing out if they failed to call in at this car boot sale because amongst the usual offerings there were so many stalls offering such great horse related items. Hope you raised a good sum

Hamlet's own TV Star

It was great to see Ian Neale featured on the BBC program ' Land of the Giants' It showed him growing his giant veg from the planting of seeds to the final harvest. It seems none of us will be able to entice our plants to challenge him for it transpires you need special giant veg seeds and many of these come from his own winning crops. Other challenges are preventing disease carried in the soil, finding the right feed and problems with the weather. It takes an awful lot of time, skill and dedication to be a giant vegetable grower. Well done and congratulations on more certificates gained.

National Historical Library

The programme for the National Historical Library this Autumn. Interested ? Downoad here.......https://www.llgc.org.uk/fileadmin/fileadmin/docs_gwefan/ymweld_a_ni/digwyddiadau/NLW_Event_Programme_Autumn_2017.pdf

Our very own TV star

Ian will appear on TV BBC One at 7.30 pm Monday August 21st in a programme about giant vegetables. Be sure not to miss it.

Green Lane clearance

Hi all, I meet with William Routley and the countryside warden for NCC this morning We walked the green lane opposite the Old Barn and the warden informed me that he will send contractors out to clear it this Friday and it will be on the list of streets to be cleared each year. Will is really trying his hardest to help us, I have tried for years to get the council to clear this Green lane( which is council owned), with no success. Hats off for William, he is working through the list we have given him and he was off to check all the drains and has been investigating the issues of traffic/ speed on Magor road and Pencoed lane.I will keep you updated,

Meeting with Mr Routley

> Hi everyone > > Richard, Sue and I met with Will Routley and Streetscene today. Streetscene were in attendance to look at the problems with drains and the pavement The drains at the junction to Underwood which continually flood and by Carl at the top of Pencoed Lane will be cleaned this Friday or next Friday. - Result. > > Streetscene have looked at the emails going back a few years and looked at the condition of the pavement - they apologise that it has 'slipped through the net' and that subject to budget constraints they will see what they can do. > > The trees overhanging Magor Road at the Guest House - Will Routley will telephone the owner and ask him politely to cut the trees back

Sunflower Competition

Hi everyone This is the one to beat!!! The sunflower competition is now open. Take a picture of your sunflower and the measurement from soil to bloom and preferably with the tape facing the camera - but we trust you. A magnificent trophy created by one Tony Ford awaits. Wyneira, Carl and I will be the judges and the trophy will be awarded at the Harvest Supper. Look forward to receiving your entries. If you want us to turn up to do the measuring, you have only got to ask. Anyone else got a sunflower I should know about? Wait Tony says mine is bigger!

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