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Bonfire night

Remember that November 5th at 6 pm the Hamlet will be holding its annual firework night in the patch opposite Gwentlands. There will be burgers and sausages cooked on the new BBQ and hot chestnuts in Tony's brazier. Plenty of fun including the burning of the guy on the giant bonfire and of course fireworks presented by Mark

Remembrance Day

Local events LANGSTONE On September 11 th there will be a service at the Langstone Memorial and in the Village Hall. At 7.05 pm. The bells of St John's Church Penhow will be rung and a beacon will be lit followed by fireworks- final details and timings to follow as this will be part of a nation wide remembrance. *. Flowers for the fallen Local resident Susan Waters is organising a four day World War One exhibition entitled Flowers for the Fallen. The exhibition will be at Nash Village Hall and St Mary’s Church, Nash to commemorate the 70 soldiers who went to fight in the war from the villages of Whitson, Goldcliff and Nash and to honour the six soldiers who did not return The exhibition

Hamlet Green Christmas Tree

It was decided last year to have a Christmas tree on our Hamlet Green so we are delighted that Langstone council have come to our aid. Following the last Langstone Community Council meeting trees will be erected in Langstone, Llandevaud and Llanmartin

OMG what a wopper

Its not everyday that you get to cook a prize winning ve Insert shows Graham Frame auctioning it off

The Filming of Robin Hood

Tatiyana enjoys reading our websites and remebers the filming of Robin Hood at the castle. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0506372/ she says this is the link to the Deserted Castle episode of Adventures of Robin Hood which was filmed there for those who would like to take a look

Harvest Supper

With the harvest safely gathered in the residents came together for their annual celebration. Tables were decorated with candles and tokens of Autumn and thoughts turned to a plentiful spread. Outside the sun sunk below the horizon and the first chills of Winter hung in the air. As always supper was as delicious as ever- nothing substitutes fresh grown produce and homemade desserts. Likewise nothing beats good company either. We joined Ioan in harvest songs which he played on his keyboard and got very competitive answering one of Richards now famous quizzes. Richard Frame always does us proud in persuading folk to part generously with their money in the auction and he didn't let us do

Fireworks and horses

Horses Even the most sensible of horses can be frightened by fireworks. By being proactive in planning for firework displays, you can make the celebrations less stressful for you and your horse. Many people are not aware how much suffering fireworks cause to animals, particularly horses. Anyone organising a firework display should inform local horse owners and it's also a good idea not to let fireworks off anywhere near fields or farms. Please think carefully about the local animals if you are planning to have fireworks in your back garden. Have you had a problem with fireworks? If you have experienced a problem with fireworks, please let us know by reporting the incident through our online

Road Safety Conference

Attendance was excellent at the Rhiannon Jade Memorial Trust Road Safety Conference. The day was packed with interesting speakers who spoke on a wide spectrum of subjects which included everything from 20mph zones and graduated driving licences to traumatic brain injury and transport of the future. Networking with like minded guests was also important and no doubt will result in improvement on several fronts to traffic problems in our own community With such success it is anticipated that another similar conference will be convened next year

Hamlet Concerns

Mower Fund The mower fund continues to grow and has been fuelled by a further donation, this time one for £300 from Community First. There is now sufficient funds to purchase a second hand mower but we await the outcome of our application to the Churches Fund as it might enable us to buy a new machine. Hamlet Green The wooden slats on the bench have deteriorated so Richard will replace them. The central planter has also fallen apart so this will be removed. Efforts are now being made to find a replacement. Pavements on Magor Road For years the council have promised to address this but to date it remains in a terrible condition. To this end Jacqui has emailed all the past correspondence

2019 Calendar

This is now available Cost £7 including £1 to mower fund. Photographs by local residents 12 main iphotographs and over 60 smaller images on bottom bars

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