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Seniors Christmas meal at the Old Barn

Seniors Christmas meal at the Old Barn There was plenty of fun and fine food at the annual party arranged by Langstone Council. It was a great time to get everybody in the festive mood and ready for the Christmas count down. Thanks to everyone responsible and a special thanks to Carol Bryant

Langstone Donations

Donations from Langstone Community Council Langstone Community Council distributed cheques yesterday evening to those in the community who they consider worthy of support. These included the Old Hamlet Residents Association for the continued maintenance of the Green, churchyard etc. Other cheques went to various groups, e.g the scouts, worthy charities and a big thank you to those who spend everyday collecting litter on a voluntary basis. There were more mince pies mulled wine, carols and entertainment from Peter Lewis.

Tree Lighting

Tree lighting Fostering a great Community Spirit The lights on the Old Hamlet Christmas tree shone bright when they were turned on. The carol sheets got a little soggy but the minced pies and mulled wine were gone before they had a chance to get wet. Thanks to Hilary for leading the singing, to Sam who played the organ and to the Mayor of Newport who turned the lights on, Thanks to Carl who turned the gift of mince pies and mulled wine from Langstone Community Council into something delicious and boozy and to Tony and Jacqui for setting up the gazebos etc. A big thank you as well to Newport City Council for supplying and decorating the tree. It helps to foster a great community spirit.

Bonfire Night

This years fireworks would rival any community event. Organised and set off by Mark and Brenda they were a great success. Twirling glowies and sparklers added to the fun. The damp weather meant that the bonfire was slower than usual in getting itself established but it was a good size and a ladder was needed to place Guy Fawkes aloft. Tony and Jackie were responsible for producing a very good looking guy. ( I never did work out why Tony included a toy chicken in his pocket! ) The fun was enhanced by a competition to give him an alternative predetermined name. Sue, Richard, Jaron and Carl did a sterling job with the burgers and hot dogs which everyone enjoyed. There were hot chestnuts

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