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Vegetable Planters

Ian Neale brought us marrows and courgettes for the box’s. He prepared a special feed and helped us dig and plant the vegetables whilst social distancing. Vegetables are free to all residents when ready to harvest perhaps you could send in some pictures and recipes of what you do with them ready for next years Wales in bloom.

Flower Planters

Earlier in the year the planters looked great with their centres filled with wallflowers supplied by Ian and a border of spring flowers. Now Wyn has been busy revitalising those at the entrance to Pencoed Lane. She writes - ' I have done the planters at the entrance, of Pencoed Lane.. This year we are focusing on bees and insects, I have bought hardy seeds instead because of the garden centre situation. Nasturtiums-Empress of India, which are bright red and also Ladybird cream and purple spot, nasturtiums. Also wild flowers seeds. I have left a little soil to sprinkle on top as they can survive in most conditions.

Sunflower Plant Distribution

Ian has kindly donated sunflowers to brighten up the hamlet and it has been suggested that anyone interested is welcome to have some. Please message If you are interested. If they could be planted where they can be seen by others that would be great. janet.myers3@sky.com

Bishton Castle

Just when you thought there was only one Castle in the area another pops up Just one of a whole family buried in the churchyard over the road. An explanation:- Site Description The alleged site of Bishton Castle lies on a natural platform that projects southwards from ground overlooking a small river valley in which lies the village of Bishton. The platform, the outer scarp of which is about 5m high, slopes to the south and is characterised by an undulating surface. No earthwork traces were noted

Gardening news from Oakdale

I’m having problems with bugs as well. The spider is cheating, it’s supposed to be a Golden Orb, but as yet the gold paint hasn’t arrived. You just can’t trust the post. This part of the garden is a cross between’The wild garden and the history garden. The wild garden speaks for itself, the history part needs some explanation. Over time as a result of the history of the land, when I dig over any part of the garden I dig up part of its history. There used to be three industrial size greenhouses which were knock down soon after I moved in. From time to time up pops a brick. What is strange is where they were made. Here are the name of some of the ones I have. St Julians, Star Newport, Littlem


In our third issue of the Blooming Brilliant News, we'll continue to showcase some of the wonderful things going on in communities across the UK. The above picture was sent to us by a school in Greater London who have built a wonderful rainbow garden. More on them below! Remember, you can continue to share your own stories with us by emailing us at communities@rhs.org.uk and we will continue to share as much of it as possible in our newsletters and over on our Community Gardening Facebook and Twitter pages. And as always, you can send this email on to your fellow volunteers, colleagues and friends and they can sign up at the bottom to be added to the mailing list. Message to Bloom & IYN Grou

Wales in Bloom

Thoughts after weeks of lockdown Well life has got so boring I’m down to photographing the red beetles having a great time without the worries of covid19- although it might be short lived if I value my lilies ! I’m checking that the water lilly leaves are showing and I’m photographing static terracotta cats , metal birds, dragonflies and that green crocodile! I’m watching the birds, bees and other insects at work and checking out that the spiders webs are up to code! I’m checking to see if the quince are setting on the tree and that the raspberries are beginning to form. I’m checking the pansies to see if they have washed their faces and that my other flowers are dressed to impress. They

Lockdown Cook Book

During the last few weeks Sarah has been compiling a cook book to help raise funds for Tenovus Cancer Care. It is now available! and she thanks everyone who contributed to it. Sue Rayment and Marion Smith are among those featured. If you are interested it can be purchased by clicking on the link below. The price does not include shipping but if there are several in the hamlet who would like one just contact Janet on janet.myers3@sky,com and a bulk order will eliminate the postage Click the link below to order your copy a £5 donation for each book goes direct to Tenovus Cancer Care.The cook book not only has delicious recipes 😋but lovely stories too !https://www.blurb.co.uk/b/10102570-lock

LLanmartin Church

As all churches are currently closed you can go on line at magorministryarea.org.uk to access services/sermons/reflections and other updates at this difficult time Telephone contact can also be made on 01633 882266. Take care Hilary

Amazing bird photography

Richard Allan has been out and about with his camera Check out his amazing pictures in the gallery

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