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Neighbourhood Watch

You will be receiving shortly a booklet from the Gwent Police about home security and crime prevention. If you are not yet signed up why not join Owl at www.owl.co.uk

In remembrance of Carl

Janet writes ...... ‘A heart felt thank you to you all for the gift of a magnolia tree in remembrance of Carl.  You could not have chosen anything better.  It is now beginning to show the bright colours of autumn and I look forward to the spring when its buds will burst into flower.  He would have been so pleased and enjoyed it as much as I shall. ‘ At the time of his death there were many tributes including these from Mark and Wyneira which highlight his dedication to the Old Hamlet. ‘ We are so so sorry to hear the sad news of Carl’s death. He has had more than his fair share of health problems over the years but has bounced back each time. I guess we all expected him to keep bouncing back

Bulb Update

Richard and Mark have been distributing and planting hundreds of bulbs purchased to enhance the Hamlet in Spring time. Thanks go to all those who have agreed to add them to the entrances to their property

Wales in Bloom

We have continued our interest in the Wales in Bloom project. Last year we were awarded our usual silver gilt award but the gold medal still evades us. This year the Wales in Bloom judging was cancelled but we hope that it will be back next year. We thank Wyneira, Janet and Carol J for their input and hard work in keeping our interest in the competition going. Our thanks also to Ian Neale for his hard work planting vegetables (courgettes, marrows, etc in the planters in Doug’s field and in the planters on Magor Road. Recently the committee decided that for next Spring we will plant clumps of bulbs in strategic parts of the community to give us some splashes of colour from January through to

The Hamlet is full of giant sunflowers

They are now turning to seed and many are being collected so that next year there will be even more sunflowers fronting the houses in the hamlet This year saw both tall and branched specimens. One even had 15 flowers!

Ian's Giant veg growing Acheivements

Growing giant veg takes real dedication and planning ahead/ This September Ian wrote " My sister gave me my Christmas present early -The Guiness Book of Records' as she wanted to cheer me up. I am sad that because of lockdown I cannot go to my giant veg show on Sunday2 This image shows me introducing a new generation to the art Other images can be found in the gallery.


Hi everyone We held our Annual General Meeting last Wednesday via the medium of Zoom.  As you know our activities are suspended at the present time, but we look forward to recommencing when it is safe to do so. We have altered our financial year in the light of the pandemic - our financial year commenced on 1 October 2020 - 30 September 2021.  We all benefit from the income received - which covers the excellent Hamlet Newsletter, our Website, maintenance of the green spaces and cemetery and keeping our planters looking good and also neighbourhood watch. I also enclose the minutes of the AGM so that you can keep up to date with village news. To read go to ABOUT and select AGM 2020 Best wishes

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