Launch of Wales in Bloom

Carl and Janet represented the Old Hamlet at this event in Tenby. Changes to the competition were outlined by Chairman Jim Goodwin and it was announced that an additional sponsor and a patron would be announced shortly. The criteria for small villages remains the same with the exception of recycling. As most residents recycle and this element falls directly under the different councils it was deemed an unnecessary element. The greatest changes were to the criteria for caravan parks hence the location of this years southern launch.

The AGM of the Association takes place next week and there is a opening for a secretary and two places on the committee. Should you be interested contact Carl or Wyn.

In an open discussion 'marking' by the judges was highlighted* John Woods, Vice Chairman spoke of the importance of providing portfolios or records of seasonal highlights. This could be submitted on line. Residents photos via web sites and flicker accounts were welcomed.

Next year the Britain in Bloom brand celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Your suggestions for a theme for an event which will be held in Mid Wales is welcomed.

* The Judging Criteria

Population Figures for classes 1-8 must include an accurate and up to date population figure as per the Electoral Roll. Wales in Bloom reserve the right to change your category should we find the information inaccurate. Please note the figure should be for the total entry town or village not just the areas being judged.

You should provide the judge with an itinerary to follow on the day of the visit. A simple portfolio can also be provided, or a short presentation on the year’s events prior to the visit.

Classes 1-8 Guidelines Quality Floral Displays, standards of maintenance; including grass cutting, evidence of Spring Displays will be considered. Permanent Landscaping, including Shrubs and trees, Local Agenda 21 & sustainable developments in this section.

Innovative ideas impacting on different areas of the community effort will gain marks. Local Environmental Quality, Absence of litter, graffiti, Dog Fouling, Fly Posting, Weeds and other factors may also be taken into account.

Classes 9 and 10 are judged on slightly different criteria, and no presentation, simple portfolio or itinerary is required on the day.

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