Newport Food Festival

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Newport Food Festival has a refreshing new taste

As Newport’s top culinary event enters its sixth year, there’s an exciting new taste on the menu as award-winning Newport brewery, Tiny Rebel, is announced as headline sponsor.

To be known as the Tiny Rebel Newport Food and Drink Festival, the event on Saturday 1 October promises to be the biggest and best yet.

A company born and bred in Newport, Tiny Rebel will help the festival reach new heights, and has made a commitment to sponsor the event for the next three years.

Bradley Cummings from Tiny Rebel, said: “We had a fantastic experience of the festival last year. Urban Tap House had yet to officially open but we ran a roaring trade from our pop-up bar and a huge amount of interest from the public in our beer and new venue.

“We’re a proud Newport business so coming on board as headline sponsor of the festival is a great honour. We look forward to helping develop the newly emphasised drink aspect of the celebration and raising awareness of the festival throughout South Wales and beyond.”

This year’s Tiny Rebel Newport Food and Drink Festival will host around 80 stalls, as well as the return of the popular Teenchef competition and expert chef demonstrations. The main activities will centre on High Street, and the areas in and around Newport Market will again have a local focus.

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