We have entered and paid for this year’s entry. The judges will be visiting between 3 and 15 July, we will be informed nearer to the date. We have been given advance notice of the 50th Anniversary dinner to be held in September (the evening before the Awards Ceremony) on the 15th September 2017 in Pembury.

Discussion took place on how we can significantly improve our chances of upgrading to the Gold Award.

  • Mark feels the stumbling block will be the lane, we need to improve the visual effect. It was agreed that we hang baskets from lampposts in strategic places, One by Mark’s, one by Ed Hayes, two by the entry to Pencoed Lane, One by the entry to Pencoed View and two in the bottom of the village. One by the Guest House and one outside Jacqui’s.

  • Tony will be asked to do the brackets to attach them to the lampposts.

  • Wyneira will approach Anthony Halse to plant up the hanging baskets and bring them on.

  • We will also have a team to plant up the 5 large planters.

  • Jacqui mentioned the bank between the entrance to Underwood and the Village Green which will need strimming.

  • The judge had mentioned tombstones leaning in Bethel Cemetery but it was agreed that this does not fall under our responsibility.

  • We will start at the Old Barn when the judge will meet Jacqui and Phil.

  • The ladies in the Church will take responsibility for doing a floral display on every windowsill.

  • Sue suggested that old shoes, wellingtons, etc could be planted up and placed all over the village.

  • Wyneira has entered the village in a different category in addition to the ‘Small Village’ category – that of the Project to improve the village green.

  • Janet distributed World War I beans brought from France by a relative. It is important for the tradition to continue on through future generations.

  • It was decided to do a Community Herb Garden in Doug’s field at the site of the old Boules Court. Carl will provide the wood to do the raised bed. Paul and David will be approached to do the raised bed. (9 ft x 4 ft)

  • It was decided that prior to Wales in Bloom judging, the village will have a clean-up – litter picking, strimming banks etc. 17 June at 10 am (Time to be confirmed).

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