A day in the Life of a Judge

Hi everyone

What a day - it couldn't have gone better. We were criticized in the past for not having an itinerary, or not knowing the history of something. Today was slick. We had a detailed itinerary, with a list of the key players (thanks to Jan) and the history (stripped from our website) of everything from Bethel cemetery/St Martin's Church/Pencoed Castle, etc.

Right from the start it became evident that John Woods is clearly on board with the philosophy of the Hamlet and was very positive on all aspects of what he saw and heard on the day. He must have been his visit lasted 3.5 hours.

We started in the Old Barn - superb as usual.

We visited the Bethel Cemetery as John Woods has family buried there and he was fascinated by the research we have been doing and the letters we receive regularly from NZ with details of the Chapel, the area and the families involved. John is keen to see how our research develops and wants to be involved.

We visited Ian Neale and his giant vegetables - We have numerous pictures taken by Tony who was logging the visit. We discussed the Solar Farm, Crematorium and all the work that was put in with the Bridleway.

Alison and the ladies of the Church worked very hard to show the Church and the graveyard at its best. The gardeners have been hard at work and the floral displays inside the Church were excellent. We also saw the Scouts plants and vegetables

He was impressed with the hanging baskets and the Village Green. He thought the refurbished heron with the poppy was a good touch. On to Pencoed Lane to visit Richard's and on to Pencoed View.

We showed off the new raised herb garden boxes as we passed Doug's field. We visited the Lake at Hillside which is looking really good and clearly is environmentally friendly. We tramped across the field to Mark's and finally to Janet's for scones and fresh cream/ coffee etc.

We finished our visit at Eirlys's who has such a wide variety of planting in her garden. We learned so much today, Carol and I, and it is quite clear that John and Eirlys are on the same wavelength.

We had plenty of opportunity to discuss our future developments and how the community have pulled together to show the village at its best. All sorts of people have worked together and individually and I think we can be proud to live in a village where the community spirit is so fantastic.

Now for a well earned rest. Cheers - raise a glass this evening.

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