Lets get Twittering

Thanks to Helen we now have a Twitter Account. Our handle is @OHLlanmartin, and the name of the account is Llanmartin Hamlet. its also attached to the website homepage. You can use this information to follow us and to share conversations. To give you an idea check out its latest postings.

A message from Helen

Getting started with Twitter can seem quite daunting, but invest 10 minutes by reading this article and setting up an account, and it’s a lot of fun.

Twitter is a global platform upon which users shares their thoughts, news, information and jokes – all in only 140 characters. Anyone in the world can see what you write and, unlike Facebook, Twitter isn’t about only following people you know, but rather engaging with interesting people from around the world, including celebrities, politicians and other like-minded individuals. By ‘following’ certain people you can see what they’re up to and take part in conversations with them.

Download the Twitter app, or visit Twitter.com to set up an account.

Understanding The Jargon

Tweet: A 140-character post.

Retweet (RT): Passing on someone else’s tweet that you want to share with your followers.

Feed: The tweets of all the people you follow will appear in order on your homepage. This is your feed.

Handle: Your username.

Mention: This is the process of referring to someone else in your tweet by stating their username preceded by the @ sign. For example: Great article by @OHLlanmartin

Hashtag (#): Using the hashtag symbol followed by a talking point or topic is a way of taking part in, or starting, a larger group discussion. It allows people to search for tweets based on particular subjects, such as #sunset or #litter.

Your Twitter Identity

The first thing to do when getting started on Twitter is to introduce yourself. By setting up a handle, or user profile, you can briefly set out who you are.

Follow You, Follow Me

The next task is to find people to follow Start with friends, people you know and any celebrities you like; plus news outlets or websites you find interesting and the network will soon grow.

Diving In

So you’ve got your profile, your followers and people you’re following; it’s now time to jump into the fray. You won’t get much out of it by just observing, the most fun from Twitter comes from engaging and interacting with people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect with.

Join the conversation, reply to a tweet by hitting ‘reply’ and adding your two pennies worth. You can see all the responses a particular tweet received by clicking ‘expand’ or ‘view conversation’, including those from people you aren’t following.

Tweet away

When you’re ready, try sending your own tweet into the ether. Once you feel you’ve got the hang of it you can try interacting with some of the more influential Twitter users. By using the @mention feature to name specific people you raise the chances of them seeing your tweets and they may even respond, or retweet.

Retweeting is the most common means by which information goes viral. You can retweet something from one of your followers to pass it on to your own audience. You can do this by simply hitting the ‘retweet’ button that appears when you hover the mouse over a tweet. This will show the message to your followers alongside the original tweeter’s profile picture with a note to say you’ve retweeted it.

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