Treasure / Scavenger Hunt

My camera skills are obviously lacking as the presentation of first prize to the winning team- Charlie's Army has disappeared ! However this is the winning team's selfie taken at the start

The faces of other winners go some way to showing the satisfaction of picking up a prize

With equal points second and third had to be awarded on 'time taken' and with the forth prize winners missing out by loosing video points but with an excellent questionnaire, it was a closely fought contest. It seems that sweet talking got The Great Danes past the flock of sheep crossing the road while the scoobys got caught up amongst them and some ( due to the staggered start) arrived after they had crossed! Quick thinking got one team a lead by asking the sales assistant to take them to the 'Dumbo halfmoon fighters' in the aquatic centre although working out how much change they would get from 5 twenty pound notes if they bought 4 still needed calculating!

There were some great photos taken of 'I cant believe we can all fit in here and a team member wearing unusual head gear..

Videos proved entertaining. They included the teams acting out a dramatic earthquake scene in a public place, Searching for a four leaf clover and singing a song about love or doing a sailors hornpipe. It seems these drew some amusement from onlookers especially when an earthquake scene was acted out at the Roman baths while there were great love song renditions and teams doing the sailors hornpipe!

Scavenging for litter was no hardship but an autograph from a stranger threw up some oddities including one from a child! It was interesting to see the array of different restaurant menus acquired en route. As they lay on the table at the finish I caught folk taking an interest in some of them!

The final destination was at Llandegfedd Reservoir but with the rain pelting down on the final leg it ensured a quick sprint to the finish! All in all a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon and well done to all those who took part.

More pictures to follow

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