Hamlet Concerns

a. Pavements and Drainage

Streetscene visited with Will Routley, and confirmed that the pavements were on a list to be repaired. Jacqui has measured the gaps in the pavement with a 50p piece, and will send photos to NCC.

HS to raise a job on re-fixing the sign to Pencoed Lane.

b. Speeding vehicles, and recent collisions

There was a serious accident at the junction of Magor Road and Pencoed Lane in April, involving speeding vehicles. Langstone seems to have a number of ‘Golden River’ speed monitoring zones at present. HS to contact the police contact again, via Jaron.

c. Bridleway

NCC have sent out surveyors to measure the route ready for quotations.

d. Litter

NCC can provide equipment for this. HS to request, and email residents to set up a litter pick.

e. Arrangements have been made for the the hanging baskets, planters and new planters in 'the patch' to be addressed

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