Lending a helping hand

Could you lend a hand?

We’re going to spend a couple of hours on Sunday 10th June, from 10:30am, up at The Patch. Some old footage of an event at The Patch has reminded us all of how much space is now covered by brambles and weeds, so we’d like to clear some of it back and reclaim some space for future events.

If you could help, please meet us there at 10:30am on 10th June, with tools, strimmers, gloves etc!

We will also be organising a litter pick, and will be in touch about this in due course. In the meantime, do make sure that the Summer Tea Party event is in your diary for 2nd June, in the field at Jacqui’s house.

Best wishes Helen

(secretary to the Old Hamlet Residents’ Assoc Committee)

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