The sun shone and the venue at the rear of Oakdale was great. It set the scene for a great Community Tea Party. With two marques, flowers and all the trappings retained from the wedding held in the field the week before it created a great atmosphere and the perfect setting in which to while away an afternoon with family and friends. Everyone agreed that the spread of food was awesome and everyone tucked in and a perfect cuppa and an array of cold drinks were an excellent compliment for quenching the thirst on such a beautiful sunny day.

While some would say it was the food, others the company, some might say the afternoon was crowned by some great victory dancing by Richard as he scored success in the throwing of rings. Others considered their victories in other great games their highlight. For some it was the throwing of giant darts, which included a shortened throwing distance for the woman and the more elderly! For many it was wellie wanging and for the youthful and more supple the limbo dancing. The game of golf with a difference was made even more fun by loosing the ball in the long grass!

Whatever the highlight, it was a great afternoon and many thanks to the kind hosts- Tony and Jacqui.

With the community mower now drawing its last breath the money collected in the raffle went towards a replacement. The community also welcomed its new vicar who opened the event for us and replaces Alison. We wish her every success in her new role.

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