Anyone for cake

At the end of a litter pick in the Old Hamlet of Llanmartin the residents took a break for a well earned drink and cakes. The amount of rubbish collected exceeded even their expectations! Dressed in high vis jackets and with the aid of tongs and bags from the council they said motorists, cyclists and pedestrians gave them a thumbs up. Its a pity therefore that so much rubbish is discarded every single day in every part of the UK.

At the Community Garden in the Britain in Bloom exhibit at Hampton Court Flower Show the garden was filled with Litter men so to add their voice to the appalling tons of rubbish the general public toss wherever their fancy takes them they made one of their own.

Carl Jefferson said "Back in the day children were taught not to throw litter and any which appeared in the playground resulted in lost playtime. Back then Britains were proud to keep their country litter free and the Keep Britain Tidy symbol had real meaning." He said he remembered visiting China where a mixed nationality group were given oranges by their guide. Half an hour later one Welshman asked her what should he do with the peel? At that point every Britain opened their hands to show they too had kept the skin. She was amazed. He said "in Britain we do not throw our rubbish on the ground." If only that was still the case!

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