Community Speed Watch

Some of you will have seen the speed watch team on the Magor Road today, next to Church Farm. We have been in discussion with the police about approving this stretch of road for the Community Speed Watch for some time, as so many vehicles travel through the Hamlet at a high speed.

We observed over 30 vehicles speeding during 8:30-9:30am this morning, and over 80 vehicles speeding between 4-5pm this afternoon. A list of these will be sent to the police shortly, and all will receive a letter. The fastest vehicle was travelling at 56mph in the 30mph zone.

It would be great if other people were able to help us with the speed watch. It’s very quick to learn the ropes, and you will quickly be making a real difference to the safety of our local roads. All are very welcome to help, and you’d be surprised at the amount of support you receive from drivers.

If you would like to get involved, please respond to this email, or have a chat with me, Richard, Sue or Jaron on Sunday at the litter pick.

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