Five boys and a Pasty


There was no finesse to the Fish and Chip supper held recently by the Llanmartin residents - just flakey white cod and chips served from two giant cardboard boxes - although fishing net and lanterns did add some ambience. One thing there was in abundance was plenty of chatting and interaction between friends and neighbours and later with the speaker who was Michael Sheen’s uncle. He spoke about his childhood and their life in Port Talbot when he was a boy. The title was intriguing ‘Five boys and a pastie’. I had visions of boys from yesteryear sitting down in a cornfield to eat their pasties before they sneaked away from harvesting to go skinny dipping in a near by stream or engage in some other form of mischief! The thoughts of younger diners turned to ‘Greggs’.

John demonstrates an old toy

All was revealed however when we discovered that Five boys was a reference to Five Boys chocolate back in the day and pasty referred to the pasties they were given to eat in the parlour when all the family came round to watch the coronation on their 12 inch TV. It was fitting that he also mentioned cutting up squares of newspaper for the outside loo as it was softer than many alternatives for newspaper is a reoccurring link with fish and chips as newspaper ink also had antiseptic properties and was the reason why fish and chips were wrapped in it!

All in all we must have enjoyed the evening as thoughts have now turned to another supper theme- Italian anyone?

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