Hamlet Concerns

Mower Fund

The mower fund continues to grow and has been fuelled by a further donation, this time one for £300 from Community First. There is now sufficient funds to purchase a second hand mower but we await the outcome of our application to the Churches Fund as it might enable us to buy a new machine.

Hamlet Green

The wooden slats on the bench have deteriorated so Richard will replace them. The central planter has also fallen apart so this will be removed. Efforts are now being made to find a replacement.

Pavements on Magor Road

For years the council have promised to address this but to date it remains in a terrible condition. To this end Jacqui has emailed all the past correspondence to councillor Will Routley who will take it up again with the city council. You are asked to send your photos when you are out walking along it to Jaron on jlloyd’langstonecommunitycouncil.org.uk

Neighbourhood Watch

There will soon be new signs etc to designate the hamlet as a neighbourhood watch zone. Help is being sort re the speed and use of heavy vehicles. In the meantime new signs are to be erected warning of children and animals in the lane

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