Mower Update

We have received £2,079.20 towards the purchase of the new ride-on mower. Richard, Mark, Carl and Tony held a meeting to discuss the purchase and how to take full advantage of the mowers we have. As a result this is the final outcome:

The new ride-on mower will be kept at Richard’s for mowing the village green. If any money is left it will remain in the Mower Fund to finance maintenance work.

The other ride-on mower will be kept at Carol’s for mowing Doug’s field. If Carol is unavailable or unable to mow the green for any reason the mower can be used by the committee or by a group of volunteers

The two donated mowers will be used:

  1. By the gardener for the upkeep of Bethal cemetery

  2. By Mark for the upkeep of the top triangle.

This way both the donated mowers are being used to the benefit of the community

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