Christmas Festivities in the Lambing Barn

When you are small meeting Santa has a magical quality and the children in the lambing barn were enthusiastic, in awe and some times a little shy when he payed them a visit. Their pleasure and obvious delight was also evident on the faces of the adults. As Santa's sack still had gifts in it when he left he said he would leave them at the church for the children who would be coming to the Christingle Service next Sunday. He also asked for a photo of himself with his chief helper Pam. I thought she looked rather like Mrs Claus!

The children needed some help when it came to the quiz and there were many dashes to strike the hanging bell with an hammer before giving an answer. When it came to the adult quiz the hammer was seized by almost everybody as the bell was struck time and time again and answers were given. No one was slow in coming forward as it built to a crescendo. We must have gone round the world with answers to 'Who invented egg nog?' The right answer- the British!

There was plenty of festive food and Carl served up plenty of mulled wine. Ioan provided music on the keyboard for the carol singing which drowned out any hail and rain on the roof. To end there were presents for everyone in the present swop and plenty of good neighbourly wishes for a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

There were flowers for Pam and Dave for use of the barn, a festive 'tipple' for Ioan on keyboard. Thanks also to Jacqui for her organising skills and to all who helped decorate and contributed to make it another night to remember.

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