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Carl Jefferson contacted us recently to let us know that his neighbour who is in her nineties had had a fall whilst putting out her bins. It makes you realise how vulnerable elderly people are when they live alone, who may be unable to call for assistance in such circumstances. We have done some research on the subject and have attached information from Newport City Council on their piper alarm system which can be used to call for assistance. It mentions a cost of £1 per week, but this is not payable if an elderly person lives alone. I thought that it would be useful to pass this formation on to elderly neighbours, parents, etc.

Newport City Council works in partnership with Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council to provide the Lifeline Alarm Service.

The service runs 24 hours a day, every day and is available to residents of Newport who live in their own homes or who rent privately.

How does the alarm service work?

The Lifeline alarm service provides you with:

  • a Lifeline alarm unit

  • a pendant alarm button

  • free installation

  • maintenance and repairs

  • a replacement unit if faulty

  • regular equipment checks

  • 24 hours a day cover via Merthyr’s emergency control centre

If you have a modern telephone socket and a mains electricity socket reasonably close together all we have to do is plug the alarm into the sockets.

If you do not have a telephone line you will need to have one installed. If you do not have a nearby electricity socket, we can help you to arrange this.

You will also be provided with a pendant alarm button which makes a call to Merthyr’s Emergency Control Centre if pressed.

The pendant will work even if you are at a reasonable distance from the alarm unit.

The Lifeline alarm unit will enable you to hear the control centre staff talking to you and you will be able to speak to the staff without having to pick up your phone.

What happens if I need help?

If you fall or are feeling unwell just press the alarm button and an emergency support officer will talk to you over the alarm system and will obtain help for you if necessary, either calling for an ambulance, a doctor or a named friend or relative.


There is a charge of £1 per week which can be paid monthly or annually.

The cost of supplying equipment, installation, maintenance, repair and control centre is all included in this fee.

Supporting People Programme Grant is available to cover the costs of this service in full if you are in receipt of any amount of the following:

  • Housing Benefit or Housing Credit under Universal Credit

  • Council Tax Rebate (not single person reduction)

  • Pension Credit Guarantee (not Pension Credit Savings)

The alarm engineer will leave details of how you can apply for grant funding when the alarm is installed or contact the supporting people team for further details on (01633) 656656.


Contact Merthyr Lifeline Alarm control centre on 01685 384489 where an operator will take details and answer any questions.

If you want to proceed an application form will be sent to you and Merthyr Lifeline Service will arrange with you for an engineer to call to install a Lifeline unit.


Merthyr Lifeline Control Centre Supporting People Team

Merthyr County Borough Council Newport City Council

Tel: (01685) 384489 Tel: (01633) 656656

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