Gardening news from Oakdale

I’m having problems with bugs as well. The spider is cheating, it’s supposed to be a Golden Orb, but as yet the gold paint hasn’t arrived. You just can’t trust the post. This part of the garden is a cross between’The wild garden and the history garden.

The wild garden speaks for itself, the history part needs some explanation.

Over time as a result of the history of the land, when I dig over any part of the garden I dig up part of its history. There used to be three industrial size greenhouses which were knock down soon after I moved in. From time to time up pops a brick.

What is strange is where they were made.

Here are the name of some of the ones I have.

St Julians, Star Newport, Littlemill brick Co Pontypool, Whitehead, Whitehead Cwmbran, Ebbwvale, and last Coeoeoy, the o’s are holes in the brick. Also the Abedare Brick Co.

The square black thing on the wall at the back is the door of the heating boiler from the POW camp in Underwood during and just after the WW2. You just don’t know when you’ll need one. More to follow in the near future.

Stay well

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