Wales in Bloom

Thoughts after weeks of lockdown

Well life has got so boring I’m down to photographing the red beetles having a great time without the worries of covid19- although it might be short lived if I value my lilies ! I’m checking that the water lilly leaves are showing and I’m photographing static terracotta cats , metal birds, dragonflies and that green crocodile! I’m watching the birds, bees and other insects at work and checking out that the spiders webs are up to code! I’m checking to see if the quince are setting on the tree and that the raspberries are beginning to form.

I’m checking the pansies to see if they have washed their faces and that my other flowers are dressed to impress. They aren’t doing too badly. It must be all that sunshine makes them feel happy. I’ve checked the bug hotel to see if anyone is at home but I think the gargoyles sitting beside it are a little off putting. I can’t see anyone but perhaps they like to lie in My robin follows me around but he doesn’t want to hog the lime light and disappears every time I push the button on the camera.

Its surprisingly quiet this morning. The pheasant seems to have taken a break from his endless calling and only a few birds can be heard singing. Ahh a crow caws- that must be why the birds are quiet! A little jenny wren flits by the pool. They are so very tiny. Ahh -the threat of the crow seems to have past and the birds have begun singing again. They must know how great it is to hear them. How blessed are all of us who have gardens at this time My heart goes out to all those trapped inside four walls. Stay safe everyone and excuse my ramblings!

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