Dog Theft


At 5pm tonight I was pulled out of my 4x4 by a man in his 40’s up TRELLECH COMMON, stating that he was taking my f**king dog!!!

He hit me twice in the face, whilst I was on the floor and then he went to open the door to get my dog out! I managed to get up, grabbed him by the throat pushed him up against the side of the truck and beat the shit out of him. He hit me in the ribs a few times and then he ran to his BLACK HARD TOP FORD RANGER and drove off.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the number plate.

My dog is safe and the Police have been informed

The person was in his 40s and about 6ft, slim build and had short dark hair. He was wearing Blue Jeans and a Green Camouflage Top.

I have a lovely swollen right Cheek Bone but I can guarantee that he is so much worse off.

This could have been a woman and their dog would have been gone.

Please be careful, Male or Female, please don’t walk your dog on your own, anywhere!

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