Latest Committee Meeting

Old Hamlet of Llanmartin Residents’ Association

Committee Meeting

Wednesday 20 January 2021 via Zoom

Attendees: Janet, Jacqui, Richard, Mark, Sue

Apologies: There were no apologies for absence

1. Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes of the meeting held on 30 September 2020 were approved.

2. Matters Arising

Matters arising we dealt with via agenda items.

3. Accounts and Membership

The current balance stands at £1551.88, this includes two grants from Langstone Community Council. Our annual grant of £500 plus an additional £200. Memberships subscriptions currently stand at 23 which in the current situation is healthy – we can chase up payments when restrictions allow. The current list to be circulated so that committee members can identify gaps and collect, if possible. Jacqui

4. Doug’s Field

Richard pointed out that the mower(s) are due their annual service. The spare mower is still in the green container but will be collected by David Price. When the container has been cleared, Tony will measure up for the racking to store the gazebo, etc.

The gates into Doug’s field have been damaged and need replacing. Jacqui has obtained costs for a 10 ft or 8 ft farm gate (as appropriate) and a separate smaller gate for pedestrians. It was suggested the farm gate be kept locked with David Price and Richard holding keys. The entrance will be widened and the slope flattened to enable cars to park when we have events.

Mark and Richard will flatten the molehills when the weather permits. Mark/Richard

4. Wales in Bloom

We have paid our entry fee in advance and we have received a message that it is hoped to progress with this year’s competition.

The bulbs have been planted along the hedgerows and are now in evidence. It was agreed that photographs be taken and included in the next magazine. A mailshot will also take place asking for feedback and for residents to identify gaps for next year’s planting. Janet/Jacqui

5. Hamlet matters:

· Neighbourhood Watch – Richard is our representative and has contacted the scheme with details of the recent break-ins.

· Pencoed Castle – There is progress on the Castle. Scaffolding has been erected and lorries are using the new lane. The castle will be residential with Corinthian Homes possibly building homes when the castle reaches a certain point. It was agreed to invite the owner to speak at a future Zoom meeting.

· Drains/Pavements – Mark pointed out that NCC have cleared drains effectively following the recent floods. The pavements are in a worse state of repair. Jacqui has reported annually to street scene (with photographs) copy to Will Routley. Another email to be sent with recent photographs. Jacqui

· Litter Picking – Our team of litter pickers continue their sterling work. John (Pencoed Lane) Richard and Sue (Magor Road to motorway bridge) Jacqui (Magor Road to Crem plus Waltwood Road) but the job doesn’t get any easier.

6. Date of next meetings:

Our next meeting will be early March – via the medium of Zoom.

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