Mink Alert

A resident in Pencoed lane has been visited by minks and carcasses and injured ducks and rescued pheasants have been strewn every where. The carnage was over whelming

When this resident tried to rescue a duck which was under a shelf she came face to face with a large black male mink with blood dripping from its teeth.

Later she saw another, perhaps a female and plenty of footprints were left in the silt where the ducks liked to forage.

This is the time of year when minks breed and they can have as many as 10 little ones. The parents roam over a 1 to 6 mile radius looking for food. They do not stop at killing just what they need and will attack animals as big as a small dog. It is unlikely that mink will ever be eradicated from the U.K. and as an alien species relaesed by well meaning but badly informed individuals they are a danger to our natural ecosystems. This is a reminder therefore to keep all your pets safe and should you see any mink report them to the council or wild life trust so that their numbers can at least be contained

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