Platinum Jubilee Fun Day -note about dogs

Care for your four legged friends.

As we get closer to the day of the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Llandevaud we would like to inform you of things that could affect the safety of your pets.

In addition to many adults and children, some new to our village, the common will have vehicles and several pieces of equipment including generators working on the Fun Day.

We know that you have a right under common law to walk with or without your four legged friends on common land and to that end we have spoken to a number of regular dog walkers who are more than willing to find other walks for their pets on the Fun Day. Throughout the day areas of the common will be used for children’s entertainment and not all dogs are comfortable in the presence of children, especially when they are excited and being rather vocal. Advice tells us that a dog doesn’t have to bite or physically injure someone for an offence to take place. If a person feels your dog may hurt them, they may still be considered ‘dangerously out of control’. This applies to dogs of all sizes, breeds and types. There will also be several food preparation areas and the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006 give guidance that domestic animals, including dogs, should not be allowed access to

areas where food is prepared, handled or stored. Please help us have a safe and memorable day for all attendees


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