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15 March 2016




  1. THE ASSOCIATION will be open to all residents living in the parish of Llanmartin within the boundaries of the Langstone Ward

  2. THE AIMS of the Association are:

  1. To promote friendship between residents through social and other events of mutual interest.

  2. To act as a forum for residents to discuss matters concerning the development, upkeep and administration of the area.

  3. To make representation to the Local Authority and/or the Langstone Community Council over matters causing concern to all residents.



The Association will have the following officers:






The Chairman/Vice-Chairman will be responsible for overseeing the running of the Association.  He/she will chair general and committee meetings and represent the Association at other meetings as deemed necessary or advisable.

He/she will present an annual report at the Annual General Meeting.

The Secretary will arrange general and committee meetings and prepare the Agenda and keep minutes of the same.

The Treasurer will keep all accounts of the Association.  The Association will have a bank account and the Treasurer will present the Balance Sheet of finances at the AGM and the accounts will be subsequently audited.


The officers will be elected by the residents and each will hold office for a period of three years, the periods of service being staggered with one officer being elected each year.  Officers can be re-elected for a maximum of six consecutive years of service.  In addition there will be a committee of a minimum of six people, two being elected or re-elected annually in the same manner as the Chairman/Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.


The committee will have the freedom to appoint individual residents to selected posts as or when it would seem necessary.  Such posts might include social organiser(s) and editor of the Gazette and can be elected from within or without the existing committee.  There will be no specific time for these posts.


MEETINGS of the Association will be open to all residents at least once a year – the Annual General Meeting at which officers and committee members will be elected as appropriate.  Chairman’s report and financial statement will also be prepared for the AGM.  Committee meetings will require a minimum of 3 members to constitute a quorum.


  1. FINANCE of the Association

Income for the routine running expenses of the association and for publishing the Newsletter and the Website will be raised by:


  1.  An annual subscription from all residents

  2. Other monies such as donations and grants.  Extra social activities will be financed separately by the social organisers and participants. 


The Association will have a bank account of income and expenditure.


  1.  NEWSLETTER will be published quarterly in addition to the Website. These will provide:

  • Reports of important issues raised at meetings of the Association, or Langstone Community Council

  • Notice of future meetings of the above

  • Articles of news and general interest to the community

  • Other useful information.


The Gazette will be available to all members as part of their Subscription Fee.

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