The Old Hamlet of Llanmartin lies within the ward of Langstone and falls under the jurisdiction of Newport City Council.  It is an active rural rural farming community
It lies between the eastern boundary of Langstone to the village of Wilcrick  It extends north to Llandevaud.  Residents enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside with its diversity of wild life but the M4 motorway is only two miles away and the Severn Bridge can be seen from many homes.
At its centre is the Hamlet Green created by the residents from old waste ground. It has a parish church and church hall. an old castle, a country pub and restaurant, commercial stables and an ironworks craft centre.
The houses ribbon along a stretch of the Magor Road and along Pencoed Lane as far as the T  junction where another area of green has been created.  It then continues to Pencoed Castle  There are a number of new homes at the junction with the Magor Road.  Most properties are hidden from clear sight but they explode with colour and diversity beyond their front gates


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Castle to the Magor Road and sunset looking west

Woods leading down to the Magor road

Fields of maize -upper pencoed farmland

Castle fields


Castle apartments

View of the castle from Mark's garden

Looking towards Midway.

Church Farm

Rainbow over the fields near the castle - Mike

Dave's sheep waiting for a call to the lambing barn

 Old oak tree near castle bungalow                                                                                     

   View towards Langstone                                                                   



     Storm brewingj                                                    


        Snow near Braken cottage                 

       Just a few of the many horses in the hamlet             

                 View over one of the farms

wyn to hot for sheep.jpg

   Harvest time Church Farm 

       Harvest time  Gwentlands



Foggy morning

        St Martins Church