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This is My Garden 

With all our gardens strung out of sight along Pencoed Lane and the Magor Road it is difficult to appreciate all the plants and wildlife that lie beyond our front gates. So to enlighten all we intend to produce a book next year entitled 'This is My Garden' 

In it we hope residents will introduce themselves and include elements that will be of interest to others and perhaps highlight why they love their garden and how it took on its current character. Lets fill it with photos of ourselves, our plants, flowers, vegetables and the wild life that also call it home.


Feel free to write a contribution at any time during the next 9 jmonths and I will collate it into a book. Text ( or just a collection of jottings ) together with photos can be emailed to me at


* Your house name


* Names of those who live there


* Something about your family, including your pets


* Garden highlights, plants and wild life and all those things that give it personality- even those weeds. After all the bees, bugs and birds love them.


* Remember those vegetables and fruits as well and the toad that might live in your pond or the hedgehog that comes out on the lawn when dusk falls.


* Some houses and their gardens are full of history. For instance did you know one even has gravestones and connections with Charles Wesley and one was a forge !Many have bats and even stranger ghostly residents!!


It should make a great read and let residents learn more about their neighbours and the wider community It will also give the Wales in Bloom judge next year an insight into all those things he wanted to know existed beyond each gate but time did not permit!

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