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Changes to the Officers of the Residents Association

The Association wishes to thank Mark Robotham, for all the years he has served as Chairman, and for all that he has done during that time to ensure that the

Community has been in safe hands. Often fraught with difficulties he has championed

our cause and the Hamlet is indebted to him. 


Under his watch so much has been achieved and it is hoped that the same spirit and 

enterprise will continue under the guidance of a new Chairman now that he can no longer continue.  Already he has served far beyond the years that the constitution proposes and his  continued dedication to help in whatever capacity is possible is very much appreciated,

Thanks are also extended to Jacqui Ford who has gone above and beyond in her service to the community.  When Richard retired she  took on the burden of Secretary to add to her position as Treasurer and without her I think the Association would have fallen apart as she also does so much behind the scenes. 

 It is therefore with grateful thanks that we now welcome Sarah Stead as our new secretary.  Fortunately Jacqui continues as Treasurer and a committee member so we have her continued assistance in all we do for which we are grateful. 

Thanks must also go to Carol Joynson and Sharon Keiller for all the hard work they contributed as the lead for Wales in Bloom. It was their responsibility to hold meetings throughout the year and orchestrate all that was being done. They also were responsible together with Jacqui and Tony Ford for showing the judges around the Hamlet and explaining everything to them.


It was therefore sad news that they could not be our champions this year although they are still willing to help in every way they can. To that end Carol has written to the owner of the patch re turning parts of it into a wild life sanctuary


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